• Mission

    Onkruid is a Belgian organization that combines expertise in design, urbanism, music, art and marketing. It develops actions, interventions or events that unite people and cultivate parts of the social wasteland.


    Onkruid (dutch for ‘weeds’) is a pioneer plant that germinates in places where the soil is open, where there’s space to grow. Onkruid is considered undesirable green, it grows in places to completely overgrow its surroundings. However, the notion of an Onkruid, is subjective. Depending on the context in which it grows, each plant may or may not be an Onkruid.

  • HORST is a double festival, it combines a musical and artistic component. It presents experimental electronic music and in situ visual arts at the unique and iconic location of the Horst castle. HORST focuses as well on innovation and experiment, it examines how necessary components of a festival (stage structure, bar, camping, transportation, catering, …) can be done differently and gain social value. HORST includes a two-day festival (9 – 10 September 2016) and a two-month exhibition (sept – nov) in open space afterwards.




    Artistic curators of HORST are architect duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Their selection of work consists of site-specific scenographic interventions, installations and constructions that generate an interaction with the environment of the castle and the festival visitors. Gijs Van Vaerenbergh transform HORST into an architectural playground where artists, musicians and audience meet, dance and engage with one another.


    HORST programs two equal stages with a variety of adventurous, leftfield names in electronic music. HORST looks into the scenes of leading music capitals and keeps its ears both in old and new. HORST offers a wide range of international acclaimed artists, local heroes and tomorrow's talents.


    Horst is a beautiful moated castle hidden in the green valley of the Hageland hills. The castle, with its stone keep, dates back to the 15th century. Throughout those past centuries the castle has been a constant backdrop for festivities and aristocratic events. HORST now takes that historical heritage and translates it into a contemporary approach. The location is the overall theme and inspiration of the festival. Both the content of the musical and artistic part seek a respectful symbiosis with the castle, its water and woods.



    The Onkruid Kitchen is designed as an open structure where people can easily meet and engage with each other. During the build up week of the Trailerpark Festival in Copenhagen, an event organised by ArtRebels, the kitchen functioned as a gathering space where artists, crew and volunteers truly got to know each other over dinner. After testing the installation in Copenhagen, the next instalments of the kitchen were at the campsite of our HORST Arts & Music Festival and the Playground Festival at STUK Arts Centre, Leuven (BE).


  • Stadsmeubilair XXL

    The Vaartkom neighborhood in Leuven (BE) is changing. By rerouting the old roads to the renewed English Square, a new pedestrianized square in front of the OPEK Arts Centre arose. In the spring of 2016 Onkruid and WØTI will redesign the space giving it a temporary function for a period of around five years. Onkruid will not only ensure the design and realization of the work. Together with the neighborhood, Onkruid will try to present a variety of events that will embed the square and its functionalities into the local community.








    The design of the temporary Sluispark near the Leuven canal activated the undeveloped territory as a summer hangout for local residents and other city dwellers. Onkruid invited several local artists and initiated a various series of events in the park, ranging from documentary screenings to neighborhood gatherings and summer parties.


    In the Leuven Theatre, Onkruid dedicated a full day to bustling urban initiatives. In collaboration with 30CC and mijnLeuven, Onkruid showed valuable examples of how youngsters can develop their cities bottom-up. A brunch, leading DJ’s and a daytime dance floor where the other ingredients to top off the urban cake.


    Onkruid interviewed the promoters behind the initiatives of Kortrijk Congé, KERK in Ghent and Toestand which is situated in Brussels. All three organisations have a prominent but diverse vision on city development. The picture shows the benches built for Kortrijk Congé 2015’s edition. They were placed at the heart of Leuven’s city centre as a promotional pop-up for the MATINÉE event.